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Young Shooters

Developed for young shooters, the Shoot Where You Looksm program was soon discovered by bird hunters and clay target shooters, why? Because it works!

Do you really want to :  
  • Become a better shooter?
  • Save money? There is no need to travel.
  • Save time? Practice safely at the home or in the office.
  • Improve your shooting in air-conditioned comfort without firing a shot?
In just 10 minutes twice a day for a week, you can begin to overcome the three biggest problems a shooter has:

1. Inconsistent gun mount.
2. The gun stops when the trigger is pulled.
3. Lack of practice.
Your favorite shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow, and a mirror (preferably full length), and the Leon Measures' Shoot Where You LookSM Book and VHS/DVD, are all you need.
All for $69.95 (+Tax in Texas)



Due to time restraints, scheduling conflicts, and the rising cost of travel,
we offer a very unique opportunity for shooters!

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“I was flat impressed with how he breaks it down, lays it out, builds one step upon another, and develops the youngsters along with the skill.”

Larry Mueller, Outdoor Life

“…It is astonishing to see my 12-year-old son, Lee, constantly breaking Sporting Clay targets after only 30 days into the program.”

Larry Clifton, Houston, Texas

Young Shooters
Leon Measures
An audio message from the originator of the
"Shoot Where You Looksm"

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How Young Shooters can improve their shooting success by 10%, 20%, 50% or more!

As a bonus, you will learn how to help new shooters, get the benefit of 50+ years of actual shooting experience, and useful tips for Young Shooters.


Young Shooters, Order Now to start improving your shooting.

Protect Your Eyes!

I overheard Bud Decot tell a shooter,

"We look with our eyes. We see with our mind."

There is a lot more here than the original, genuine Sport Glasses.



Protect your Ears!

“There is nothing that can be done to repair your hearing.  The damage is permanent and irreversible.”  A Houston Otolaryngologist.

Here now! Hear later! Hear it is!

Excellent clothing for the Upland Bird Hunter is available at BoytHarness / Bob Allen Sportswear

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  • Young Shooters shooting too many times when skeet shooting?

  • Young Shooters, are you ready to improve your clay target shooting?

  • Young Shooters always enjoy becoming better at clay target shooting. Wouldn’t you?

    Young Shooters can become as good at skeet shooting, as you are willing to practice to become, in 5 to 10 minutes a day (without leaving your home, or office)! Are you ready?
    Your favorite shotgun (empty and safe), a full length mirror, and the Shoot Where You Looksm Video is all you need. You have promised yourself you would do something about your Instinct Shooting Haven’t you?


    Read what these folks have to say

    "I came across your website after discussing "how I was able to shoot skeet as well as I can" with some of my friends. I began to talk about how at one time you taught me how to shoot. 

    I was a part of the group of kids that you taught to Shoot Where You Looksm when you were in the process of writing this book back in the lake 1980's.

    I thank you for what you taught me those many years back, and know that I always shoot where I look!"

    Mike Shook

    Leon, thanks again for helping with the Texas State Rifle Association Annual Ladies Outdoor Shoot again this year. It is always amazing to me how you can take ladies who have never touched a gun and have them zeroing in on a clay target in no time at all. Congratulations on a job well done…once again.

    Gib Lewis
    Texas Speaker of the House, retired.
    Texas Rifle Assn.
    Consultant National Rifle Assn. Consultant

    “I’m impressed with the kids attention to safety and the self-confidence every one of them has developed.”

    Mrs. Terry Jones, Dayton, Texas


    The price?
    Just $69.95 delivered in the U.S.
    (Texans please add 8.25% SS tax).

    Click here to order-
    and start improving your shooting in 10 days or less!

    Still not convinced?
    Click here
    and go to our Testamonials page to see what
    a lot of other folks have to say.

    Someone said, “You will be the same person five years from now, except for the books you read and the people you meet.” I hope to meet you on a clay target range or in a bird field one day, soon.
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