Clay targets don't eat very well. I've done about every wing shooting and native rifle hunt Texas has to offer. I've also been to the other side of the world in the Marines fighting bad guys. Your shoot where you look technique has put more meat on the table and sent more bad guys to their god than anything else I've ever been taught. Orin Romine   1-1-2017

I'm reporting back regarding my progress. I completed the course using the mirror technique and my safe gun. I continued to practice the exercises of the 'Shoot Where You Look' program while evaluating shotguns. This had been ongoing for several months prior to visiting my wife's uncle (Frank) in Amenia, NY five weeks ago. Frank took me to nearby Orvis Sandanona to shoot sporting clays and provided me the opportunity to try a couple of shotguns (Beretta 391 20 gauge as well as his wife's Browning 12 gauge O/U). This was the first time for me to shoot at clays since beginning your course. I shot 2 boxes of shells through each shotgun. I did not shoot all the positions on the sporting clay course, and I'm estimating the percentage of clays that I hit, but it was a ~60-70% rate of success. For someone with more experience/skill, this may seem pedestrian. However, I was pleasantly surprised, because back in October when my buddy living in Austin took me to his skeet range, and I shot an equal number of shells, hitting one clay. It was the poor performance in my first attempt to shoot skeet in Austin that lead me to your program. The basic skills taught in your 'Shoot Where You Look' program is the only way to account for my improvement. Thanks again, and all the best! Dan Gallagher. President, Bradford Sportsman's Club Charlestown RI

Leon, thanks again for helping with the Texas State Rifle Association Annual Ladies Outdoor Shoot again this year. It is always amazing to me how you can take ladies who have never touched a gun and have them zeroing in on a clay target in no time at all. Congratulations on a job well done…once again. Gib Lewis, Texas Speaker of the House, retired. Consultant to Texas State Rifle Assn. and NRA.

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your class week before last. It took me about 3 days to come down off the high I was on when I left that day! I really enjoyed myself, as did the other ladies. Ray said he had a message from you last night and that you had another successful three days of lessons this past week. I hope those folks had as much fun as we did!"  Emilie Sasser

Thank you again for the excellent course you presented at Alpine Range. You were an exceptional instructor to the new shooters and equally beneficial to me as an experienced shooter. My personal average has increased 10% on sporting clays. Gray Thornton former Ex. Dir. Dallas Safari Club

Three years ago I lost most of the sight in my right eye. It is important that I am able to shoot well. I now shoot both left and right handed equally well. And to be honest I shoot better now than I ever have before.  Luther Young  B-Bar-B Ranch

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed and benefited from your Shoot Where You Look sm kit, video and seminar. I learned more from you in a few hours about shooting than in my previous thirty five years of hunting. Roger Holland, Former President Houston Safari Club

All in all, this is one of the most exciting programs from one of the most interesting people I've ever met. If your shooting needs some help, give the "SHOOT WHERE YOU LOOK sm" program a try." Bob Allen HOF Trap shooter, 1982  Pigeon Shooting HOF, 1996

“Though our first meeting was more than 15 years ago, I remember three events of the first day I spent with Texan Leon Measures like it was yesterday. First, I saw his young shooting students shooting hand-tossed dimes, then aspirin, then individual BBs in the air with a sightless BB gun!” Bill Miller, Bill Miller Outdoors.

“Your technique is unbelievable, it works and is a great training tool. I went to the Trap range today and shot 20 straight, my best up to this time was 5 straight with a 50% average.”  Ron Grob Principal at Apela Professional Services

As a right handed shooter with a left dominant eye -- I was reminiscing about my time and "learning experience" with you 20 years ago --and how that changed my thinking and shotgun shooting (for the better) too! Keep it up --you and Frillie are lifelong influences to thousands! Steve Hall, Former Ex. Dir.  International Hunter Education Assoc.

 24 January 2011 

Scot McClure 

Dallas Ecological Foundation Coordinator 

Reference: Letter of Reference for Leon Measures 

Dear Scot, 

Last week I received a phone call from Leon Measures from Livingston, Texas requesting that I provide you with a letter of reference. I feel that I should provide you with a little background information me before telling you about Leon. I am the immediate Past President of the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) and retired as the Firearms Training Specialist (Lieutenant) for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). My wife and I own and operate AEPS Corporation, a federal contracting business located in Austin, Texas. We provide a variety of services to the federal government, including physical security and facility support. 

I first met Leon in 1995 when Texas started the Concealed Handgun Licensing Program (CHL). I was the Firearms Training Specialist for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) at the time. My staff and I (3 trainers and an administrative clerk) were charged with developing and implementing the training for the CHL Instructors and licensees. We trained over 3000 instructors from July 1995 to December 1995, so licensing could start 1 January as directed by the Texas Legislature. During this time I met most of those 3000+ individuals and Leon is definitely one those acquaintances that “stick-out.” 

During the breaks in the CHL Instructor classes; we (the instructors) were swamped with students seeking additional information. Leon was one of those people, he was always there at break, not always asking, but often listening and absorbing. One question he did ask was if I might spare a few minutes after class so he could share some information. I have to admit, that I was reluctant, because class hours were long and I had many other obligations, but trying to be a good instructor, we agreed upon a time. Leon came to my office (The DPS Range) and introduced me to the “Shoot Where You Look” program. I was still skeptical, but will state that in something under an hour I became a believer that, if you follow the program and Leon’s instruction it WORKS! 

Since that time, I have encountered Leon at several outdoor/sports shows in Texas, and he is always reaching out to the youth, giving them a proper introduction to the shooting sports. Leon has been an active participant at numerous Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Expos and several TSRA Gun Shows giving his audience a taste of “Shoot Where You Look.” 

I know Leon to be a stand up, straight forward individual who has helped not only youth, but adults as well have a better appreciation for firearms and their proper use. Please feel free to give me a call or drop me a line if I can provide further assistance. 

Dan Walker 

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